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Our Timepiece restoration service provided is generally geared towards antique and vintage watches. From complete disassembling of the case components as well as the movement, we will restore and give a second life to your beloved timepiece.

Sometimes the price required to bring the watch back to life can be higher than its market value, that is why we will provide you an estimate prior to completing the restoration. The work, parts to be replaced, time of restoration and skills required are all taken into consideration when setting up a price for an estimate. We will do our best to keep the "soul" of the timepiece, by respecting it the best way we can, to keep its unique history preserved.


On the left, you can see a great example showcasing our skills with this amazingly tiny movement from Jaeger LeCoultre from 1929.

The Caliber 409, the largest caliber in the family (101, 404, 406, 409), still has some of the smallest size in the industry: 10.50 x 23.00 x 4.00 mm.

With 15 jewels and a winding crown on the back, these caliber family were very popular in the luxury lifestyle in the 30's.

On the right, a rare opportunity to see this wonderful watchmaking brand in Canada as it is more popular in Europe. It was a real pleasure for us to service it and bring her back to life. 

You can appreciate the level of knowledge and skills we have at Maître du Temps as it is required to work around tiny mechanical movements like this one, especially since there is no longer parts available to replace damaged/missing components.


This is an add from the 30's which explains some technical performance of this caliber:


Built in two layouts, the DuoPlan movement is as really accurate as sturdy for the life expectations because all its components are from a big movement.

Waterproof case and crown, double protection of the inner container, complete the technical advantages of the DuoPlan watch.

For a period of two years after purchase, the DuoPlan watch is serviced free of charge by a simple movement exchange. In addition, she is insured by Lloyds against loss, theft and unrepairable damages.

The DuoPlan is the only watch which benefits these privileges in the entire world, and only at authorized  retailers.

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