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Created and developed in Paris about 2 years ago, the Watch Certificate is a new start for the pre-owned watch market bringing a real solution against counterfeit items.

Pioneer regarding protocols about timepieces certification of authenticity, on a credit card format design, the Watch Certificate certifies in 45 control points and 8 high resolution pictures of any watch taken by a professional watchmaker, validated by an independent expert and saved on a blockchain.

This unforgeable digital copy of the watch is a proof of authenticity of its history and market value.

In case of theft, the Watch Certificate will be useful for insurance policies and police forces.

Watch Certificates are available in 4 colors, based on the market value of your watch: 

  • Steel card for watches valued under $7,000 (card value $190)

  • Gold card for watches valued from $7,000 to $22,000 (card value $379)

  • Black card for watches valued from $22,000 to 70,800 (card value $619)

  • Red card for watches valued above $70,800 (card value $2,090)

Maître Du Temps is a proud partner of Watch Certificate and as an authorized professional watchmaker, we can assess and deliver a digital copy of your precious timepiece.

For more information, scan any QR code below or click here.


Watch Certificate



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