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Collection of Timepieces I have renovated with passion



Watchmaking is a heritage as I grew up in this particular family where the tic-tac of a clock is really familiar. As a matter of fact, since my great grandfather, I am the fourth generation of watchmakers in my family. This rare savoir-faire was transmitted thru generations until it got to me. I undertook this family heritage and responsibility passionately everyday since I'm 18.


After being certified watchmaker by a watchmaking school in Paris - France, I worked with my father, who is a Master Watchmaker and the Official Watchmaker of a French Institution, where I learned more about antique and vintage watches and clocks.

Then, I got in High-End Manufactures such as Cartier & Patek Philippe and learned everything about excellence in terms of customer service as well as watch servicing.

Servicing a timepiece by respecting the piece-of-art we hold in our hands became my motto, and with a work opportunity that opened up to me, I decided to bring my expertise to the service of watchmaking in Canada.

Family tradition since 1920

The Great Grand Father Vahakn opened his workshop in 1920 and named it "Horlogerie Chabrol"
Great grandfather standing in front of his workshop
Paris - Circa 1920

My great grandfather Vahakn immigrated to Marseille - France at the end of the WWI where he learned watchmaking.
He moved a few years later to Paris and opened his own boutique/workshop in rue de Chabrol in the 10th district.
He called it "Horlogerie Chabrol"
Grandfather working at his bench
Paris - Circa 1960

Jean, my grandfather, also became watchmaker after graduating from the French watchmaking school right after the second war and opened his own boutique/workshop as well, in Paris rue de Pali-Kao in the 20th disctrict.
He called it "Horlogerie Clairon"
sevan khidichian
Father working at his bench in his workshop
Paris - Circa 1990

Norbert, my father, also followed in the steps of the family tradition but learned watchmaking skills by being  an apprentice with a skilled watchmaker in the 16th district of Paris. At the retirement of his master, he took over the workshop and renamed it  "Horlogerie Norbert". Today he is one of the best clock & antique watch repairer in France, and also the official Maître du Temps of a French Institution.
Part of his duty is to wind, weekly, the 82 historical clocks and service them when necessary.
Sevan working at his bench
Toronto - 2021


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